Diane Neumaier

Selected Images

Diane Neumaier, Untitled, 2004, unique photogram, 16x20 inches
Diane Neumaier, Untitled, 2004, unique chromogenic photogram, 16x20 inches.

DIANE NEUMAIER is an artist based in Seattle and New York City. Her many series of photographs explore the range of the medium. Currently she is working on abstract color photograms.

An internationally exhibited artist, Neumaier is also a curator, writer and the editor of the anthologies Beyond Memory: Soviet Nonconformist Photography (2004, Zimmerli Museum and Rutgers University Press), Reframings: New American Feminist Photographies (1995, Temple University Press) and Cultures in Contention (1986, with Douglas Kahn, Real Comet Press).

Diane Neumaier created the traveling photography exhibition A Voice Silenced, a memorial tribute to her Viennese-born grandmother, Leonore Schwarz Neumaier, first contralto of the Frankfurt Opera who was murdered by the Nazis in 1942.